My little Kitchen

My little kitchen’s require a basic equipments. Like a stove, an oven, necessary pans & pots , blender and etc. I love a kitchen with natural sunlight in the day and bright enough for the night. Yes, I got the perfect kitchen! =)

There are some ingredients I’ve been using for few years for my cooking. So far they have never disappointed “we” . =) 

Enjoy and remember another important ingredient “love”!!

P.s Photos taken by myself and am using the Camera ~ Oylmpus stylus XZ-2 


 Japanese Tsuyu bought from Jusco


Chinese Rice Wine bought from Herbs & Foods


Gochujang from Korea bought from Jaya Grocer


 Honey bought from Marks & Spencer


BBQ Herbs & Spice bought from Jaya Grocer 


Dried Chilis bought from Jusco

ImageOlive Oil for cooking bought from Jaya Grocer

ImageExtra Virgin Olive Oil for Salad or sandwiches bought from Jaya Grocer 


Chili Powder bought from Jusco


Teelseed Oil bought from Penang 


Japanese Soya Source


And My cooking partner – Jojo 





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