{Dinner} Korean GochuJang seafood pasta

I decided to try something new today. Long time I didn’t cook pasta hence today I gave a try Korean style pasta.


Chopped tomatoes, Korean bean sprouts and chopped red capsicum and mixed them
with one table spoon of GochuJang & and half cup of  Japanese Tsuyu (Japanese fish source)
then keep them in the fridge! (can prepare in the morning before leaving your house to work)

ImageI love this Garlic skin peeled rubber, my MIL bought from US. Its really fast!
ImageJust put the garlic inside the rubber, and roll it few times!Imagefew minutes – Garlics skin “hilang”!

My favourite seafood – Squid! I bought from fresh market and clean them.

Pasta for both of us! We usually on low-carb for dinner.


Boiling water with bit Olive Oil & Sea Salt.


Put in the pasta and make them al dente. Normally the packaging did mention the cooking time,
I normally don’t use timer, just my “instinct”!
After cooked the pasta, just rinse them with some cold water so as the pasta won’t stick together.
then put aside.
take out the Go chu Jang Vegetables & squid & garlic.
K, now hit the “wok” with some olive oil then Garlic, the put the Go chu Jang vegetables
stir them for a while,  and Squid in now, continue stirring till the Squid look fully white colour & solid.
Then, put in the noodles, add more Japanese Tsuyu, maybe 3 table spoons.
Continue stirring to mixed all together. OK dinner is ready!


Woo.. its done! We still have some ham in the fridge so decided to finished it.
It was nice but quite spicy.


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