{Easy Lunch} Steamed minced pork with bitter gourd

I like simple lunch, sometimes I will go out to tar pao (sometimes too lazy to cook) or just stay home to cook something really simple. Today, I have some vegetables and minced pork in the fridge so maybe some steamed rice will be good. It’s a good try ! I love it and I have to make again for my beloved husband.


This silver old-style steamer was given by hubby’s grandma.
I like it lot as the size ngam-ngam for two of us


I use Japanese pearl rice coz the texture is better compare to normal white rice


Oh I love this multipurpose source from Korea, its really All-purpose! =)


Prepare minced pork, chopped bitter gourd, chopped pickled radish & chopped mushrooms,
mixed with the sauce together and keep in the fridge.


After steaming for 10 minutes, the rice is half-cooked now.


Ok then put the mixed vegetables & porks on to of the rice and continue steaming.


OK! after 15 minutes steaming, its Done!! Sprinkle with some chili powder and Japanese seaweed.


OH, Nice!!


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